The Students will be able - To know about the discovery of magnets - To identify Magnetic and Non Magnetic Materials - To distinguish between north and south poles - To list out the properties of magnets - To explain the principle of Maglev Train


- Magnetites are natural magnets. They are called magnetic stones. - Man-made magnets are called artificial magnets. - Substances which are attracted by magnet are called as magnetic substances. - Substances which are not attracted by magnet are called non-magnetic substances. - A freely suspended magnet always comes to rest in north-south direction. - The end of the magnet that points to the north is called the North Pole. The end that points to the south is called the South Pole. - A compass is an instrument which is used to find directions. - Like Poles (N-N, S-S) repel each other and unlike poles (N-S, S-N) attract each other. - Magnets lose their properties if they are heated or dropped from a height or hit with a hammer